What we offer?

Software Development

We guide our clients through the entire process of digital transformation, by assisting in the management of requirements and project planning.
Our team of developers can supplement our clients and build a unique, responsible and aligned team.

Integration and consultancy

Selin offers consulting services to companies requiring a survey of new functionalities and sizing for core systems.
For those clients who need help with the integration of platforms and new systems affecting their business core, we can offer our team of specialists, capable of connecting functions, data bases and the accurate information flow among them.

Testing and support

Certified QA teams provide testing services to clients managing a high volume of software generation.
System maintenance is performed by engineers properly trained to solve problems and contact users.


A WMF mobile app is a program designed as a solution for team management. It allows users to send photos and information in real time, update the state of a previously assigned task, geolocate displacements, and document events or tasks.
The web app allows customers to configure service orders, states, languages, and workflows for an efficient management of field teams.
Working with distributed teams, BlockBuilder is a partner for managing the execution of projects, network maintenance, logistics operations, sales campaigns and other activities.


All the processes that are recurrent and monotonous could be automated. We help to improve the user experience by minimizing mistakes, offering superior service quality, and lowering costs by 80%. When you automate processes, you can focus on your business.